Date: December 2011

Annual MVRIA Apprentice Merit awards for 2011

The Automotive Training Board Annual Apprentice Merit Awards were once again held in November. This year marked a significant achievement – the thirtieth year of the awards. Once again, winners from the seven traditional trade areas and the school -based apprentice of the year were honoured.

Winners were from a wide geographical area across NSW and reflected the diversity that now makes up apprentices across the automotive sectors.

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Date: December 2010

Apprentice Merit Awards 2010

Fair Trading Minister Virginia Judge presented the Automotive Training Board’s awards to the State’s top automotive apprentices for 2010 on November 19.

Ms Judge said the eight recipients of the Automotive Training Board NSW awards had achieved individual excellence in work and study and demonstrated a commitment to their trades that would serve them well into the future.

Awards are presented in seven trade categories – Automotive Electrical, Body Building, Vehicle Painting, Panel Beating, Light and Heavy Vehicle and Motorcycle, as well as to a school-based apprentice.

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Date: December 2008

Apprentice Merit Awards 2008

Once again the state’s top apprentices across seven industry sectors were commended at an industry function held at the Royal Automobile Club.

This year marked the twenty-seventh year that these high achievers were recognised by industry stakeholders. Congratulations must go to the following individuals for their excellence, not only within their training during their apprenticeship, but also for their exemplary attitude and ability within the workplace.

1. Neil Cherrett – Motor Cycle Mechanics
2. Adam Hamer – Automotive Electrical
3. Jonathon Worrell – Body Building
4. Ian Mount – Motor Mechanics (heavy vehicle)
5. John Rapa – Vehicle Painting
6. Luke Ryan – Panel Beating
7. Sean Conneely – Motor Mechanic (light vehicle)
8. Tim Jarvis – Motor Mechanic (light vehicle)
9. Nicholas Havik – Motor Mechanic (light vehicle)

Date: December 2007

Annual MVRIA Apprentice Merit awards for 2007

The annual MVRIA Apprentice Merit Awards were held on Friday November 23, 2007. The event was once again at the Royal Automobile Club in Sydney and award winners, their families, special guests and industry supporters were there to celebrate their achievements.

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Warrack Leach, the designer of the new Holden Ute exterior spoke to invited guests as to his passion for cars and how his dream became a reality within the automotive world.

Date: December 2006

MVRIA Apprentice Merit Awards of 2006

The MVRIA Apprentice Merit Awards of 2006 will be held in December at the Royal Automobile Club of NSW. Once again, industry will recognise the outstanding success of individuals across NSW in the sectors of light vehicle, heavy vehicle, motorcycle, vehicle painting, body maker, panel beater and automotive electrician.

Date: November 23, 2005

Awards Luncheon organised by the Automotive Training Board of NSW

All too often we forget to recognise the achievement of those who excel.

The Automotive Industry for the past 24 years, has recognised the success of those in the traditional trade areas of light vehicle mechanic, heavy vehicle mechanic, automotive electrician, panel beating, vehicle painting, motorcycle mechanic and body making.

Each year, TAFE nominates a selection of students in these areas whom they deem to be outstanding. A representative of the Motor Vehicle Repair Industry Authority then travels across NSW to interview each of the nominees and assess their individual qualities.

Once the winners have been decided, the culmination encompasses an awards luncheon, which is organised by the Automotive Training Board of NSW.

A wide range of industry representatives attends to congratulate these fine individuals.

This year the Commissioner of Fair Trading, Lyn Baker, presented the winners with their awards.

Following this, Mr Barry Ford, resident director of Holden Ltd, made a special presentation of Holden jackets.

This years awards recipients came from both rural and metropolitan areas and showed many outstanding qualities. Some common qualities to all were their passion for the industry and their commitment to training, not only for themselves, but also for future hopefuls. These winners of course provide ideal role models for those considering entering the industry.

Each of these young people seems assured of a successful and varied career path within the automotive industry and will continue to gain the many opportunities and rewards that form a part of this ever-changing sector.

Date:September 16, 2005

The first careers tour for 2005

The first careers tour for 2005 was held on September 16, this event was a continuation of 2004s highly succesful tours which allowed for both students and careers advisors to access a view of the many career opportunities that the automotive industry has to offer.

Thanks to Holden Ltd a group of Northern suburbs students were able to avail themselves of the many aspects that encompass the NSW Holden head office. A range of employees told of their career paths within the industry, which spanned many years. A tour of the training facilities was also undertaken, which allowed participants a close glimpse of the technical complexity of todays modern vehicle.

Students then moved on to Barry Smith Holden located at Pennant Hills. This particular dealership encompasses many sectors of the industry, students were able to view first hand the work that is undertaken by both apprentices and technicians in the automotive field. Especially important was the availability of industry people to answer the questions that students needed answered to guide them in the direction that they envisage their career path taking.

More of these tours are planned, and if your school would like to take part, please contact the ATB on 02 9282-6428, or email us: [email protected]