Automotive Training Board Annual Apprentice Merit Awards 2011

The Automotive Training Board Annual Apprentice Merit Awards were once again held in November. This year marked a significant achievement – the thirtieth year of the awards. Once again, winners from the seven traditional trade areas and the school -based apprentice of the year were honoured. Winners were from a wide geographical area across NSW and reflected the diversity that now makes up apprentices across the automotive sectors.

Winners ranged from those who were undertaking their apprenticeship while studying for their HSC, those who entered the industry post-school and those who had already undertaken a number of roles and had now found a new career within automotive.

The Hon. Anthony Roberts MP, Minister for Fair Trading presented the winners with their awards and spent time interacting with the winners and their families.

Bradley Schmitzer

Clint Mungrove

Craig Agnew

Evan Dunne

Kelly Micallef

Kerry Jenkins

Mitchell Dawson

William Carvalho

Craig Barham, the 2010 winner in the Motorcycle category, shared his thoughts with the new cohort of winners on his success
"In relation to winning last year’s ATB award, it was a great day for my family and friends, especially for Channel 7 to value it highly enough to make it newsworthy. Since winning the award I have taken on a more managerial role within our shop and have the confidence to carry out my duties effectively as a service manager. I still continue to learn more about my trade daily and am constantly amazed at the new innovations taking place in our industry. The winning of the ATB award was a great finale to 4 years of hard work and study for me and certainly came as a surprise to me and my family. It was fantastic to be recognised by the ATB and Harley-Davidson for my work and I am still proud of my efforts. I congratulate this year’s ATB winners and wish them all the success in their chosen careers."

The awards will once again be held in 2012, with nominations commencing in July 2012. Please contact the ATB on 8251 0032 to be a part of the awards.